Beautiful progression of Android in Europe

In Spain, the Google OS reached a staggering 92.3% (+3 points compared to the same period the previous year); Germany, the robot gained 4.8 points to 76.1%; in Italy, it rose sharply to 12.1 points won and 78.3% of the market; Finally in Britain, even finding, +5 points for the robot, which stood at 58.8%. These four countries plus France therefore show an overall increase of 7.1 points, the most beautiful advanced Google in Europe for more than two years. In the same markets, iOS lost 2.7 points in Italy (14.8%) , 2.2 points in Britain (34.8%), 0.6 points in Spain (6.4%) and 0.5 points in Germany (17.8%). Same fate for Windows with a leap backwards by 8.1 points in Italy (6.3%), 3.8 points in Germany (4.9%), 2.2 points in Spain and 2 points in Britain ( 2%). No doubt that the Microsoft OS he has suffered from the wide supply reduction since last year. As for iOS, it should display a small growth next month with the inclusion of sales of the SE iPhone . Overall in the period in Europe, only Android grows and captures 75% market share, while iOS lost some points but always revolves around 20% and Windows Phone falls below the 5% mark. The rest merely crumbs.