Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)

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One added benefit of calling the Job Seekers Allowance Contact Number is that all calls are logged and the call details logged in our system. This does not include any private information or a recording of the actual conversation but details like phone number called from, phone number called, date, time, duration etc. There are a number of situations when you might need independent 3rd party evidence that you actually made the call. As part of our service we offer this 100% free. Simply fill in the “Get Call Records” form and we’ll be in touch.

Job Seekers Allowance Information

A lot of people want to find out what JSA payments they will get. There’s a maximum amount you can get – but how much you’re entitled to depends on things like your age, income and savings.

On the website you can use the benefits calculator to check how much JSA you can get, and how your other benefits will be affected.

• Age 18 to 24 – up to £57.90 per week
• Age 25 or over – up to £73.10 per week
• Couples (both aged over 18) – up to £114.85 per week

When you call the Job Seekers Allowance phone number you can also:

  • Questions and Queries about JSA
  • Find out if your eligible for Job seekers allowance
  • Make a claim for JSA
  • Find out what you are entitled to
  • Setup your JSA payment method
  • Learn about the different types of JSA

You could get Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) if all of the following apply:

  1. Age 18+
  2. Under State pension age
  3. You are not a full time student
  4. You Live in England, Scotland or Wales
  5. You must be able to work
  6. You are currently looking for work
  7. You work under 16 hours per week

If you need to call the JSA Customer Services phone number then offer you a cheaper alternative to the premium rate contact numbers being provided on other websites. Our Job Seekers Allowance contact number will connect you directly to the main customer services team with no delays or hassle.

Job Seekers Allowance Alternative – JSA Number

0345 608 8545 – Standard charges apply. No Call Logs Available.